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Engagement Shoot

I did this shoot quite a while ago, but wanted to test the video..


Maryke Model Shoot

Maryke came to the studio for a bit of an update on her profile pictures. We did the standard white back-ground stuff and the I decided to use the “Dungeon”! (Our undercover parking area)

We were able to get some really alternative images, and had lots of fun in spite of the cold weather.

Soviet Eyewear or Shooting Russians..

Soviet Eyewear or Shooting Russians..

From time to time I would take on a job, not really knowing if it will materialise or come to fruition, for want of a better word.

Basically what happens is that a client will give a brief, (or not as was the case here) and a couple of photographers will be given a chance to produce the “goods”.

So, I received a little box with a couple of reading glasses in. Did the shoot and sent everything back to the client. Now we hold our collective breaths and pray they like it.

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

I was thinking of including family and baby portraits in the menu of our business.

This is something that we have been very busy with in the past, and I think it should be re-visited.

The benefit of doing family and baby portraits is that you can treat it like location shoot, and do the shoot on-site, in the family’s home. That way everybody is more comfortable, the baby’s toys (and napies) are nearby, and Dad doesn’t have to get everybody in the car and schlep them all the way to the studio. Win, win!