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Boknes is a small coastal village in the Eastern Cape, usually associated with a retirement village. 😉 I’m not slanting the town, it’s a good thing! Light and air pollution is at a very low level and the super clean beaches and sand dunes go on for ever!
During my visit I experimented with long exposures and night time photography, things I don’t normaly have the opportunity to do..

Here are a coupe of examples from may stay there:





The night skies are awesome!

Nicolas van der Merwe

Two days……. It’s been a ridiculously heart breaking year.. We worked our buts off, we partied like nobody’s business, I got scared when I heard Leandra was in a car accident, when Oom Nico was rushed to hospital, when my mom phoned to tell me about my dad, but its coming to an end and I’m going to enjoy that end with my family (at least the ones that are around and in Cape Town) I CAN NOT WAIT!

via Nicolas van der Merwe.

Lion and Rhino Park

Last weekend we took a day trip to the Lion and Rhino Park in the Cradle of Mankind. What an amazing experience! Please visit their website by clicking on the link, they do amazing work there. It was a perfect day-trip from Johannesburg. There’s a restaurant, braai facilities, etc.

The main attraction though was the cubs.. We could go into several camps to “play with the tiger and lion cubs, truly an amazing experience even at my advanced age lol!!!

My other personal highlight (difficult to choose..) was the mother rhino and her calf. I could sit and watch the for ages, they are such gentle animals, and I really wish the poaching of these magnificent creatures could stop.

Have a look at some of my favorites for the day.

NorvalsPont Concentration Camp

NorvalsPont Concentration Camp

On my last visit to Gariep Dam I decided to go have a look at the Concentration Camp Memorial.. It was very quiet out there in the middle of nowhere, and I’m sure one’s mind can start to muck around with you when you are out there by yourself. The list of children under 15 who died there is an eye opener.
A complete list can be found over here:http://ancestry24.com/norvalspont-concentration-camp-burials/?w3tc_preview=1

One can also read more about the war, the camps and the treatment of South Africans here:http://www.sahistory.org.za/politics-and-society/white-concentration-camps-anglo-boer-war-1900-1902


Point and Shoot

My daughter and I went to visit my parents down in Boknes for the school holidays. One would think that a seasoned traveler and photographer like myself would pack all his camera gear, especially since I was traveling in my own car and not by plane, train, bus or somebody else s car .. I suppose its the age thing.. long story short is that I decided to only pack a small Point and Shoot camera. Nifty little thing though, its a Casio Exilim it has a built in GPS so you can see where each and every photo was taken.

Here are a couple of shots from the holiday with Leandra and her step-brother as my willing test subjects / mannequins.. Hahahahaha (Evil laugh)