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Buddies for life

Buddies for life

If you cast your mind back to October last year you will remember that I took photos for the Breast Health Foundation’s Annual Bra-run and The Bra Run Strikes Again.

It was during this fun filled but serious day that I met Heather Pansegrouw, the editor of Buddies for Life Magazine.  Well, long story short, Heather asked me if I would be interested in shooting the cover for the Winter edition of the magazine.  Well what was I going to say? No? hahaha I don’t think so! What an honour and privilege to meet and work with such dedicated people! Buddies for Life and the Breast Health Foundation are non-profit organizations and do tremendous work with breast cancer patients and survivors. Speaking of survivors, bring in our model and breast cancer survivor: Michele Ferreira! What a fighter, and absolute beautiful person inside and out.

Anyway I’m babbling again.. here are the two proofs for the cover:


2011 Breast Health Foundation Bra Run

2011 Breast Health Foundation Bra Run


You don’t know till you know..
I’m not a fundi regarding any kind of cancer, I know that it kills, I know that it hurts, and I wish we can find a cure for all types.

This weekend I had the honour to join friends, families and survivors to make people more aware of the facts surrounding breast cancer.

Here are a couple of images from a day that will stay with me for a long while…

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