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Cars and Planes and Trains

Cars and Planes and Trains

Cars and Planes and Trains or so the song goes any way. Well two out of three aint bad 😉

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a friends new baby.. BMW M6 that is. What a machine.. beautiful aggressive lines and a really cool setting too.

Here are a couple of my favs from the day. Please feel free to leave comments!


Audi Club bring and braai

This past weekend we decided to brave the cold and get together with a couple of like-minded enthusiasts. One of our club members organised a “Bring and Braai” at the South African  Air Force Museum.

The museum makes for a wonderful day out with hangars filled with the history of our Air Force. I would like to spend a bit more time there in the near future.

Back to the Audi’s and related photographs. I didn’t really think about the day as a photo shoot, so I only brought my camera and no additional lighting.  Some of you may know that cars are not my preferred subject, but I actually enjoyed shooting something different, and would like to do a bit more of this in the future.  I’m babbling I know.  Here are the days photos in a slide show. You can click on the show to take you to the album in Flickr.