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Dwayne and Leanne’s Wedding

Dwayne and Leanne’s Wedding

My last wedding of 2012 and what a way to end it!

I’ve known Dwayne from childhood, as he is one of my brother’s best friends. Dwayne couldn’t have asked for a better woman in his life than Leanne. They really are a special, beautiful couple. As you can see from the images, this wasn’t your common garden variety wedding!

Herewith a couple of my favorites, the rest to follow soonest!!

Location: Toadbury Hall

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Cars and Planes and Trains

Cars and Planes and Trains

Cars and Planes and Trains or so the song goes any way. Well two out of three aint bad 😉

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a friends new baby.. BMW M6 that is. What a machine.. beautiful aggressive lines and a really cool setting too.

Here are a couple of my favs from the day. Please feel free to leave comments!


Buddies for life

Buddies for life

If you cast your mind back to October last year you will remember that I took photos for the Breast Health Foundation’s Annual Bra-run and The Bra Run Strikes Again.

It was during this fun filled but serious day that I met Heather Pansegrouw, the editor of Buddies for Life Magazine.  Well, long story short, Heather asked me if I would be interested in shooting the cover for the Winter edition of the magazine.  Well what was I going to say? No? hahaha I don’t think so! What an honour and privilege to meet and work with such dedicated people! Buddies for Life and the Breast Health Foundation are non-profit organizations and do tremendous work with breast cancer patients and survivors. Speaking of survivors, bring in our model and breast cancer survivor: Michele Ferreira! What a fighter, and absolute beautiful person inside and out.

Anyway I’m babbling again.. here are the two proofs for the cover: