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Dorian at Redhill – Male Model photoshoot in Cape Town

Dorian at Redhill – Male Model photoshoot in Cape Town

Redhill is an amazing location with a very sad history.

In the late 1960’s the area was home to more than 70 coloured families, who was then forcibly evicted and moved to the Cape Flats under the Group Areas Act of the then Apartheid Government (Regime).

All that is left of what was once family homes are ruins and it a stark reminder of how things went wrong. You can read more here: news24.com


Dorian, a male model from Cape Town, and myself took a drive out to Redhill to update his portfolio images. The weather definitely did not play along.. First my light stand was blown over by huge gusts of wind, no damage luckily, and  then the heavens opened up. I am not one to complain about the rain. We need every drop we can get.

We waited in the car for a while and when things didn’t look like were going to change, we decided to try a couple of other locations. The first was the big gun at Simonstown, where I managed to grab a couple of nice shots, but the wind didn’t let down and the temperature drop quite a bit.

After Simonstown we headed back to the city of Cape Town, more specifically Rhodes Memorial. It is an amazing location with just as much history. I will tell a bit more about the Memorial in a following post.


So here are my favorites from Dorian’s shoot at Redhill and surrounds:



























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Hybre at Theewaterskloof Dam

Hybre at Theewaterskloof Dam

Cape Town is in the middle of a severe drought and the proof of that is abundantly clear when you visit Theewaterskloof dam. When we visited the dam, it was about 24% full and a very sad sight to behold.

We brought beauty to this barren landscape in the shape of Hybre Taljaard, a young model from Cape Town. What motivated me to use Hybre was that she is a dancer. A very accomplished dancer actually.

We arrived at Theewaterskloof very early on Saturday morning to prepare for a sunrise shoot, but the sun was nowhere to be found. The whole dam area was covered by a thick mist from very low lying clouds. It was the eeriest feeling to walk out on the desert like beach, completely surrounded the mist.

An hour later the sun was trying it’s best to burn the clouds away, but to no avail. The misty conditions created a wonderful soft light all around us, which was amazing!

The equipment I used for the shoot was my trusty Canon 7D, the brilliant Sigma 50-150 zoom lens as well as the Tamron 17-50 VC.

To make the images “pop” a bit, I used my Photon Portable Flash. It’s very heavy, but the results I get from it makes it worth wile lugging it around. Did I mention that its heavy?

Well enough rambling about the equipment.. Here are a couple of my favorites from the shoot.



















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Dwayne and Leanne’s Wedding

Dwayne and Leanne’s Wedding

My last wedding of 2012 and what a way to end it!

I’ve known Dwayne from childhood, as he is one of my brother’s best friends. Dwayne couldn’t have asked for a better woman in his life than Leanne. They really are a special, beautiful couple. As you can see from the images, this wasn’t your common garden variety wedding!

Herewith a couple of my favorites, the rest to follow soonest!!

Location: Toadbury Hall

IMG_6689 IMG_6660 IMG_6650  IMG_0275 IMG_0272  IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0252  IMG_0228   IMG_0224  IMG_0221 IMG_0219 IMG_0217  IMG_0214 IMG_0213 IMG_0211 IMG_0205  IMG_0200  IMG_0193 IMG_0187  IMG_0182 IMG_0177  IMG_0170   IMG_0137   IMG_6792 IMG_6790 IMG_6786  IMG_6783    IMG_6770