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Rain Spider

Rain Spider

Rain Spider – Macro Photography

I got the fright of my life when I closed the bedroom door and found a pretty large rain spider behind it.

I’m not typically scared of spiders, but let’s just say it was unexpected 😉

At first I thought that it was a dead spider, but after having done a bit of research, I found out that spiders, like snakes, crabs and a lot of other creepy crawlies, have to “shed” their skins through a process called “Molting”.

It is a very interesting and complex process.

Read more here: http://www.pettarantulaworld.com/spider-facts/how-do-spiders-shed-their-skin/

And here: http://moreletakloof.co.za/2009/05/03/rain-spiders/

Now for all practical reasons, rain spiders are perfectly harmless to us humans. People tend to fear them mainly because of their big size (these guys do get to be very large indeed!) and the fact that they so often wander into our homes.

They also put up quite a show when provoked, raising their front legs and exposing their fangs, often running towards and attempting to bite anything brought close to them. Unfortunately, this usually ends in the poor spider simply being killed – either suffering a prolonged death by being sprayed with insecticide not made for anything nearly as large as a rain spider, or by simply being squashed.

It is so sad that people in this day and age still do not realise that the rain spider means them no harm and if left alone will most likely find its own way out again, to where it will not be disturbed by lights and people. The most ironic thing is probably killing one of nature’s best pest controllers with the very insecticide that was meant for the rain spider’s natural prey?

I obviously had to get my trusty little reversal ring out to try a bit of macro photography on this little critter. Isn’t it amazing what we can discover when we start to look at life a little closer?

Here are a couple of photos that will hopefully make you look at spiders or at least rain spiders a little differently.


rain spider huntsman spider 1


rain spider huntsman spider fangs 2


rain spider huntsman spider fangs 3


rain spider huntsman spider eyes 4


rain spider huntsman spider 5


rain spider huntsman spider 6


rain spider huntsman spider eyes 7


rain spider huntsman spider 8

Thanks for looking!

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