Gottfeld Family shoot

Many years ago I did my first family portrait session. It was 2006! My willing subjects were my cousin, Hanna, who has emigrated to Israel, and her family. With her and her husband Noam, was her father, and mother and of-course their first born son Nathan,which brings me to my story.. Nathan is now15 years old. He has suffered his whole life from a hereditary hearing disorder. His disability has not stopped him from being the very best person he can be. He is an amazing swimmer and he has competed in Israel’s National Championships where he placed third.. Nathan you are an example to all of us and I wish you the very best in your beautiful future.

זאָל זייַנ מיט מאַזל
These photos were taken when he was just 2 years old.

Can you ever recreate these images? Do we take enough portraits? Here are some of my favorites..

The first photo is a recent image of Nathan, taken by his very talented mother Hanna Gottfeld.