The Britz Family Portrait Session

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the Britz family while they were on holiday at Kenton on Sea in the Eastern Cape.

The Sunshine Coast has some of the most amazing and unspoilt beaches in our country and I am very lucky to live here. Not far from Kenton on Sea are the villages of Cannon Rocks and Boknes Strand. Here you can walk on the beach for miles and only meet one or two people (on a busy day! :-D)

I met the Britz family on the beach close to the wreck of the Hallelujah-20, unfortunately, time and tide have not been kind to the remains of the boat, and very little of it remains to be seen.

We had beautiful weather though and that of course helped. There is nothing that helps me create beautiful family photos more than a family that is naturally close to each other and loving each other. You can see there love from miles away. The brothers love their parents and one another. It’s a beautiful thing!

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As usual I get carried a way and talk too much! Here are a couple of my favorites from this beautiful family.